Good 50×70

Following on from my previous post on designers collaborating with charities, focus is on Italian based poster project Good 50×70, an annual contest in which seven charities provide a brief on a global issue. Anyone can enter posters on any of the briefs that inspire them. The best 30 posters are collected in a catalogue and exhibited around the world. All entries are then supplied to the charities for use as communication tools. Its organisers are made up of volunteers from design studio Associazione Culturale Good Design.

No money is made from the contest, the intent being to “give a voice to the efforts of many smaller charities that don’t have the chance to get good artworks for their projects”, says Pasquale Volpe, president of Associazione Culturale Good Design and founder and creative director of Good 50×70.
Charities involved include Greenpeace, Amnesty International, WWF, and LILA – Italian League for the Fight against AIDS. “The Internet helps us to keep some of the costs down: for example the jury, also made up of volunteers, votes online. Exhibitions are made with sponsors who can donate paper for catalogues, or lend the exhibition space itself. Lectures and workshops are kindly hosted by schools around the world,” says Volpe. According to him, however minute, their work does make a difference.

“Some Good 50×70 posters have been adopted by an NGO as a key visual for a campaign, for free, of course. “Greenpeace is using one of our posters as a key visual for an anti-nuclear campaign. That image is now commonly recognised. WWF made a series of merchandising with the 2009 visuals and used the 2010 ones for an international summit, “says Volpe.

Founded in 2007, it counts around 10,000 posters from 87 countries so far and is soon to launch its fifth contest. “Posters are chosen by a pre-selection jury, made up of art directors, journalist, editors, and an international board of social conscious design professionals. Every NGO can choose a special mention, name their favourite work and maybe use it for its communication. “The project doesn’t have a direct impact on the NGO fundraising, but it’s true that our posters are always free of charge for them any time they need them for a campaign or an event”, he says.

[pictured above] United to Play by Natshia Privette Tashia for Good 50×70 and AMREF, This is an edited version of a commissioned feature, please see