Mending Broken Hearts Art Appeal

The effects of the recession are being felt by all; but even more so by the organisations that rely solely on our “spare cash”. Charities are thinking cleverly about fundraising. Now more than ever they are commissioning artists to produce limited edition artworks as collectables in aid of a particular cause.

For its Mending Broken Hearts Art Appeal, The British Heart Foundation has asked 15 artists to design a work of art on the theme of Mending Broken Hearts and to take inspiration from images of the heart and red – its signature colour. Artists involved included Peter Blake, Maurice Cockrill, and Rob Ryan [pictured above].

The artworks were sold at auction raising over £90,000, and then were recreated as hand-made silkscreen prints sold “on tour” in selected galleries.  According to Andrew Johnson, head of special projects at The British Heart Foundation, “art auctions for charity are not a new idea but BHF is trying to do something new in joining the cutting edge of British fashion and art to raise funds.”

The Internet, coupled with street art and a growing collectors market has catapulted these events to another scale. “Charities have to look for more interesting ways to reach out to people. Bigger events lead to more publicity and increased awareness and support,” says Johnson, adding that “many artists are wanting to ‘give something back’ and support the work of their chosen charity.”

“[These types of exhibitions] are a great opportunity to reach new audiences and fundraise in different and creative ways,” says Johnson. The Mending Broken Hearts Appeal aims to raise £50 million to fund research. The prints can viewed at Hepplestone Fine Art Gallery in Lancashire, until July 6, or as a private view on June 16. To purchase prints click here

This is an edited version of a commissioned feature for Spindle magazine