Nobuyoshi Araki Interview Part 1 and 2

Not technically current, in fact its several years old, but this interview with Tokyo-born photographer Nobuyoshi Araki is great viewing pleasure for anyone wishing to gain an insight into his works. Influenced by Shunga, the erotic art of the Edo period in Japanese history as well as the glossy imagery of contemporary photography, Araki has always been a controversial artist but it’s the most risqué and sadistic side of his images that remain the most alluring. A lot Araki’s works have been considered lurid, and vulgar often dealing with female masturbation, bondage sex, loneliness and death with an unwavering realism. But this hasn’t stopped his growing popularity, having exhibited at the Tate and the Barbican galleries. The compositions of his photographs tell a multi-layered story not only of kinbaku, Japanese bondage rope-tying art, but what we find sensual, tender and taboo about ourselves.

If you can ignore the irritating voice over on the video, Part 2 gives a very intimate and deeply personal insight into his wife’s death and the subsequent photographs taken of her. As well as being an incredibly fascinating interview, it also contains a lot of Araki’s earlier photographs.

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