Why Cameras? Not Bread? Photography Exhibition

A new exhibition at London’s Strand aims to give a glimpse of Africa through children’s eyes. By giving children living in Zambia cameras to capture aspects of their everyday life, South Korean Cumca project hoped to change our view of life on the continent.

“This project gave the children a voice. It enabled them to paint a picture of their community, documenting the footsteps of their daily lives. Although in-experienced in photography, their pictures told their story.  Images from Why Cameras? Not Bread? are different from the images what we have known about African children”,  say its curators photographer Young Joong Kim and priest Cha Poong.

A lot of images that we get of Africa are of starving children surrounded by flies. The project aims to change this. Over 45,000 images were taken by the children which were painstakingly reduced to around 150 images for the exhibition. So far the photos have been shown at 15 events around South Korea but the children were not told it would also be shown in London. “We plan to take the photos and visitors comments back to Zambia with us. The children will be so excited when we tell them their pictures have made it all the way to London. See how far your dreams can travel we will say to them.”

Korean artist Paul Lee also created one hundred little male figurines which are on show alongside the images. Others involved include children from Burundi and Mongolia. Donations raised during the exhibition will be sent to Zambia and help build libraries, schools and hospitals.

Exhibition runs from 25 to 31 July 2011 at Strand Gallery, 32 John Adams Street, London WC2N 6BP. Entry is free but donations welcomed.