Nick Gentry at Selfridges

Ever wondered what to do with your old floppy discs, VHS tapes, Polaroid and cassettes? Well I’m pretty sure Nick Gentry pondered over the same question, before deciding to transform them into cyborg-like portraits.

His artworks are made out of the most obsolete of things, being obsessed with the future of technology and its impact on human lives and identities. If you have any old media hanging around, for example some lovely old floppy discs, send them over to him and your old tat will be transformed into great beautiful paintings. And better still if you fancy picking up one of said paintings then head to Selfridges on Monday 22 August where he is having a solo show in the store’s technology hall. Further information can be found on the Nick Gentry website.

Nick Gentry Solo Show, Selfridges, technology hall, 400 Oxford Street, London W1A 1AB.

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