Rites of Life at More London Riverside

For more than seven years Swedish photographer Anders Ryman has travelled the world documenting the rituals people take to celebrate the various stages of transitions through life. The resulting product has been turned into an outdoor exhibition consisting of 66 images at More London Riverside between City Hall and HMS Belfast, near Tower Bridge.

The subject matter ranges from traditional confirmation ceremonies held every Easter in Norway, wedding ceremonies in Nepal and morocco to a Hindu cremation ceremony in India. In total there are images from Ethiopia, Spain, Turkey, Thailand, South Africa, America, Micronesia, Bolivia, and Madagascar. The image above by Ryman shows the ‘Three nuptials of the Newar’. Among the Newar every woman is married three times, at first when she is between five and ten years old, to the Hindu god Vishnu. Then, before her first menstruation, to the sun god Surya. And finally, when she is in her twenties, to a man of flesh and blood. The exhibition runs until 6 September.

Image 2 Anders Ryman outdoor exhibition at Riverside London