London Design Festival: Nick Fraser

Over the last five years climate change has definitely been on the collective agenda of designers. And with recycled products a hot commodity, every design studio wants to show just how debonair they can be with a few pieces of discarded waste. However, only a handful have managed to make that effortless transition from recycled product to beautiful well crafted, and functional design. Apart from the aforementioned design studio Uncle Oswald is My Hero, this elite also includes the very talented Nick Fraser.
Fraser likes to make useful things out of equally useful objects and materials. Often using repurposed pipes, wires and lamp fixtures to craft striking home furniture, lighting and interior products. From candelabra made out of brass fittings and pipes, to colourful lampshades fashioned out of discarded lampshade frames, his work is innovative but with an air of witticism thrown in for good measure.

For more info or to buy products check out Fraser’s site.