AACDD: Titi Abiola

Juxtaposing Japanese and African influences, British textile designer Titi Abiola’s works use bold eclectic colours with astonishing detail. Often a product of wild experimentation her works are heavily influenced by old crafts and techniques ranging from printmaking in India to Chiang Mai embroidery in Thailand.


Fresh from exhibiting at the London Design Festival, as part of the African & African-Caribbean Design Diaspora, she is working with Adire artisans – a group of Yoruba women in southwest Nigeria whose crafts are in decline owing to the technique and skill involved in their work. Adire is the name given to indigo tie and dye cloths. Traditional tools such as feathers are sometimes used as is applying starch paste to achieve a desired printed pattern. It is expected that in a decade their craft will have disappeared from the region. The most fascinating aspect of Abiola’s work is her statement neckpieces –playful two-dimensional products referencing Castilian folk dance.