Selfridges’ Words Words Words Extravaganza

The very lovely people at It’s Nice That and The Idler Academy have collaborated with Selfridges for its Words Words Words event celebrating the power of the written word. From the 12th of January to the 1st of March, the UltraLounge on its Lower ground floor has been transformed into a visual feast for lovers of art and literature. It’s Nice That has kitted out the store’s corner windows (in between Oxford Street and Orchard Street) with specially commissioned three-dimensional pieces.

For the showpiece display it has collaborated with interactive designer Stewdio to create a giant ‘Word-A-Coaster’, a 14-foot high fortune telling machine. The hand-built wooden rollercoaster was constructed by model makers Atom, and encases 30,000 brightly coloured balls all with 30,000 unique fortunes inside. Customers can pick up the coloured balls for free when they pull a lever inside the store.

Three other artists were also challenged to create a physical interpretation of the Words Words Words theme. Artist Ben Long constructed a metal pipe scaffold structure, while designer Chrissie Macdonald fashioned oversized objects and London-based interior designer Giles Miller produced a literal cardboard structure of the “words” theme.

Specially curated books also sit in a library space, which will provide classes and talks from The Idler Academy, and It’s Nice That. Poetry readings will also be hosted by book publisher Faber, as well as stories about fashion told by Rachel Rose Reid, and literary discussions with the Penguin Book Club.

But of course the store’s aim is to sell things. Hence literary-inspired products surround the floor, for all those customers with a healthy appetite for letters and the art of conversation. From stationery, books, magazines, customised jewellery, and homecare, all are beautifully presented. But the most interesting has to be Keira Rathbone’s typewriter prints. The London-based artist uses classic typewriters to type portraits and images onto paper. You can watch Peter Breem’s video below of her in action, or pick up her prints at Selfridges.