Bevan Agyemang

Take a look through the works of photographer Bevan Agyemang. The 27-year-old works for men’s online fashion store Of Ghanaian descent his personal works express the effects of multiculturalism in self-representation and national identity.

His images tackle the psychological impact of displacement, specifically focussing on Ghanaian migration into England. Agyemang is heavily influenced by his parent’s journey to England and African photographers documenting post-independence self-representation, artists such as James Barnor, Seydou Keita, and Malick Sidibe.

In January he travelled to Accra inviting young people to come represent themselves and be photographed, being interested in the third space between the photographer’s representation, and the model’s. This formed the basis of an exhibition at London’s Richard Young gallery earlier in the year. His website can be found at