Interface exhibition at Rook and Raven

Rook and Raven gallery is holding an exhibition of five artists working with alternative materials to produce large portraits. The line up consists of Nick Gentry, Cain Caser, James Dawe, Pam Glew and Guim Tió.

But works likely to raise eyebrows include Pam Glew’s retro flag paintings influenced by the Jazz era and Nick Gentry’s cyborg women. Glew, likes to bleach portraits onto old flags using dye and bleach to first deconstruct and distress the fabric.

Barcelona-based artist Guim Tió’s works on the other hand will spook you out. By working and re-working his paintings and using vivid colours, Tió is able to create bizarre and frankly, haunting images of everyday people.

Nick Gentry’s works have probably been shared across Twitter and Pinterest more times than anyone cares to count. There is something undeniably beautiful about his robot girls made out of discarded floppy disks and other obsolete digital accessories. His floppy disks represent the starting point of a journey we began in recording our digital lives. He recently told Dazed Digital, that “it’s amazing how humankind is forever ‘progressing’, yet we rarely find time to look back at things that were once considered important”. He has certainly made us stop and look.

The exhibition ends 3 August 2012, Rook & Raven Gallery, 7/8 Rathbone Place
W1T 1HN, their website is here
Image by Pam Glew