BHM: Windrush Style Block


Never usually feature fashion here but this is an important event worth highlighting. Instead of showcasing her new collection at London Fashion Week in September, Georgina Harley-Smith dedicated it to the 50th year of Jamaican Independence as part of Black History Month.

Windrush Style Block will not only show Harley-Smith’s work but new and already established UK designers. According to her, the event was born out of a desire to promote the Windrush generation’s amazing influence on style and fashion in Britain since their arrival in 1948.

She writes: “Coming from Jamaican parentage, and with it being the 50th anniversary of 
Jamaican independence, I thought Windrush Square rather appropriate, as HMS
 Windrush was the ship responsible for bringing the first lot of Jamaican 
immigrants to British shores. If you take time to look at the nostalgic black 
and white pictures of these Jamaicans stepping off the Windrush, it is plain to
 see the richness of style that they brought with them.”

The catwalk show will feature special guests appearances as well as live music, dance and art throughout the day and evening followed by an after party.

Windrush Style Block takes place Sunday 28th October 2012, 12noon-10pm in Windrush Square, Brixton, London.

Image one copyright: Chiara/