5 of the best Art and Design blogs by African and Diaspora Artists


Often the best inspirations come from wasting time surfing the net. And there’s a lot of good stuff out there. And as is traditional this time of year, the media is salivating and busying itself compiling countdowns, reviews and best ofs.  Every now and then on this blog I try to showcase modern creativity in the African continent and diaspora countries. So here’s the pick of the best design and art blogs out there by African and Diaspora artists. Enjoy.

Art Comes First

ACFcutACF is the brainchild of Shaka Maidoh and Sam Lambert. 33-year-old Maidoh is a British artist based in London well-known for being impossibly stylish. He was nominated by Esquire as Best Dressed Man in Britain and also recently featured in GQ. But we digress; ACF is essentially an inspiration board. A pick of the best images, tailoring, sayings and occasionally a nod to the great icons who have scribbled their names on history’s walls. From old African Jazz n’ Jive cover artworks to brightly coloured Drum magazines contrasted with sharp black and white images of Malcolm X and the Black Panthers. Marvel at the wealth of inspiration.


Cookies and MyGrains

Cookies and mygrainCookies and Mygrains is like a visual journey on day-to-day occurrences in Cape Town as experienced by South African photographer Asanda Kaka. A little random at times but it’s the little details she captures that keeps it interesting. Kaka recently guest posted on Africa’s a Country on her series of images documenting the culture of worship on Cape Town’s commuter trains.


Shakira Society

CargoThis blog spans the globe for the best in design and creativity. The site is run by Namibia-based art and design director Ola Olowu. A Nigerian born creative his posts on architecture and graphic design, though sparse, are particularly motivating.


That Good Good Blog

Good Good BlogStarted as resource for those who love all that is good about art and fashion, Dami Oyelola’s blog aims to highlight people doing extraordinary things. A student at Penn State University, she also has a pretty good music blog taking you back to the era when everything was oh so very cool, listen to her pick of the best Jazz, hip hop, rock and roll tracks here


Revive the Cool

RevivetheCoolAtlanta-based photographer Faisal Mohammed hopes to inspire us to capture the everyday moments of life and people. Mohammed uses light to fantastic effect demonstrated through this tumblr blog.