Deconstructing Dalston’s Ridley Road Market

lorenzo-vitturi-dalston-anatomy-05Lorenzo Vitturi does interesting things with food. His photographs may not leave you salivating but marveling at the sculptural forms with which his compositions take.

Vitturi lives near Dalston’s Ridley Road Market and felt compelled to capture the area’s distinctive nature before it is gentrified beyond recognition. Vitturi notes that it has been interesting watching the community, economy, local people and the very fabric of the street market transform at alarming speed. He began to create sculptures in his studio from objects found in the market including fruits and vegetables.

vitturi 2

And thus we are treated to decomposing fish heads, plantains and half cut coconuts. It’s all very familiar – the average still life food photography check list. However, what makes Vitturi’s photographs unique is his use of colour that allow the raw materials used to take on a natural but simultaneously completely alien existence.

Some of the materials in his photographs are used as found, others are left to mature or rot, while some are covered with pigments. The objects are arranged into various compositions and set against the backdrop of discarded market materials or layered above images of market traders. The end result is that they take on a cultural identity of their own.

His exhibition ‘Dalston Anatomy’ is on until 19 October at the Photographer’s Gallery.

The Photographers’ Gallery, 16 – 18 Ramillies St, London W1F 7LW;