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Tibetan artist Pema Rinzin

Artist Pema Rinzin introduced the world to traditional Tibetan painting. Often borrowing from thangka technique, a type of traditional Tibetan painting on cotton, or silk, Rinzin’s work is inimitable for its delicacy. Watch… Continue reading

Ghana by Numbers

To most, Ghana is famous for one thing chocolate. But there’s more to this West African nation than Fairtrade cocoa. It has art, music and dance. Here’s a brief summary of the country… Continue reading

Change in direction for Banksy protégé

Artist Eelus’ decision to move away from street art is creating quite a stir. He explains the reason behind his change in direction, the future of street art, and that papercut book cover… Continue reading

Tourism has been a curse and credit to the Maasai

Often referred to as the most famous tribe in East Africa. You can’t help but wonder how much tourism has helped this indigenous group in Kenya. After visiting Nairobi, I felt incredibly sorry for… Continue reading